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Industrial manufacturing complexes around the world view their industrial equipment as critical to their needs. We at Engineering Industrial Supplies understand this and offer our customers tailored products and packages suitable for their requirement.


There maybe a need for you to replace your existing equipment or you are searching for spare parts.  We would treat all your requests the same, offering competitive pricing with the shortest available lead-time, as these are crucial.  

We are capable of offering the following Heat Exchangers & Boilers manufactured to your specifications :


    - Shell & Tube

    - Plate & Shell

    - Plate Heat Exchanger

    - Waste Heat Recovery Units

    - Fired Heaters


These products can be offered with or without all the suitable accreditations & certificates.

Industrial Filters come in a wide variety of materials and dimensions, these can be used for an equally huge range of applications.


At Engineering Industial Supplies, we can offer our customers like-for-like or suitable replacement products that are of the latest design and efficiency.


We can supply : Air; Bag; High Efficiency Particulate; Hydraulic and Panel Filters.


We can offer precision engineered storage tanks, for the storage of your raw materials, basic and intermediate chemicals and end products.


These would be manufactured to your design specifications, material requirement and to the highest quality standards.

Engineering Industrial Supplies is able to supply complete Turbines and Compressor sets, direct from OEMs.


We are also fully capable to supply you with replacement turbine blades and spare parts, along with compressor washing fluids.


Whatever your procurement needs maybe, we'll be able to offer a competitive price and lead-time.



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