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Everyone has untapped potential

Engineering Industrial Supplies is a trading and tendering company for products relating to the industrial manufacturing processes. The company is focused on its core sectors of the Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Cement and Process & Production Units.


The company's principle activity is the supply of mechanical and electrical engineering products to its diverse client base throughout the world, using manufacturers that have proven ISO:9001 Quality Management System in place. We pride ourselves in being available to our customers 24 hours a day, as emergencies can occur at anytime and time is critical.


Recently, the company has started to venture into the trading of commodities and raw materials.  These products are sourced on the basis of the customers demands, taking into consideration the fact that our client will want a quality product, at an affordable price, with the shortest available leadtime.


We operate from our offices in the United Kingdom and Asia.  Working closely with direct end-users in the global market and cater to their needs. This has been achieved by becoming a reliable supplier and offering a seamless service.


These are our founding principles’ and still maintained to this date, even though there has been a drive to introduces new and emerging equipment, products and services to its core areas.  As well as maintaining its current services to its expanding client list.

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