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ABOUT: Engineering Industrial Supplies

Since its foundations as a consultancy for the Fertilizer Industry in 1988, Engineering Industrial Supplies has continued to develop new business links and also strong customer ties.

Engineering Industrial Supplies principle experience has been in the field of trading and general supplier's to the various industrial engineering complexes around the world.


It has been supplying mechanical and electrical equipment based on technical experience gained from many years, spanning projects of varying size and complexity throughout the world. 


These skills have been developed whilst supplying the Fertilizer and Petrochemical sectors, however there is a continual expansion in the business and enquires from other industrial backgrounds are undertaken.  There has been a sustainable development programme

over the last 30 years, to adapt to varying customers requirements.


The company’s ability to deliver unparalleled customer care and response along with a friendly work culture has led to Engineering Industrial Supplies being able to forge a prosperous future with all of its clients.


Over the years, Engineering Industrial Supplies has promoted the business of various companies and supplied complete plants, as well as, individual machinery and equipment. The company has also been involved in the supply of services for engineering, specification, installation and commissioning for the Fertilizer Industry.


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